Every great singer has started at the beginning!

Lessons are informal but well structured, and easy to understand, so you'll know why you're doing what you're doing.

You'll learn to sing the healthy way with safe and well established techniques.

All goals are agreed by you and your teacher, Kath, so you'll feel motivated and enthusiastic about your learning.

All learning is set at your pace, lessons can be flexible to suit your needs.


Learn the techniques needed to DEVELOP your voice, so you can sing CONFIDENTLY, privately or publically! For example...

You've tried karaoke or open mic nights and enjoyed the experience of singing publically, but want to polish up your performance.

You're in a choir but feel you would like to strengthen your voice and broaden your range so you can really sing with confidence!

You're thinking about joining a band or singing for money, so you really want to progress as much as possible to be a versatile vocalist, style your voice and be professional in your performance.


Professional musicians and singers that have permformed for years still go for lessons to brush up on technique and improve how they perform, so….

Take this opportunity to find out why your instrument and your voice is doing what it is doing, and learn how to make the changes that make the difference to your performance.

Learn how to optimise your voice, literally fine tune it, brush up on techniques and learn new ones that will help sustain your voice through gigs and demanding schedules.

Enhance your overall performance, presentation, mic technique, posture, expression, phrasing, tone, breathing, and even how to talk to an audience more confidently!