"Singing lessons have helped me in a numerous amount of ways! One of the most prominent would be that they've helped grow as an artist and develop complex techniques in singing that will allow me to perform songs to my best ability! Not only this, but the lessons have shown me how to control my voice in runs, placement, volume and tone all of which equate singing in a healthy but effective way! The lessons are very fun, interesting and I always look forward to going because there is always something else to learn and work on. The increase in difficulty as the singing lessons progress throughout your time as a pupil is something that drives me as I love a challenge!"
Alicia Dodds, age 14 from Bedlington
Alicia Dodds, age 14 from Bedlington October 2013
"Kath is clearly a highly experienced singing tutor. In the couple of months we have worked together so far, I have made leaps and bounds in my vocal range and projection and broken through previous problematic areas that had limited my vocal ability. At every lesson, I come away with new tips and techniques, as well as new exercises which are pitched exactly at my level. Kath is able to intuitively hone in on my weaknesses to quickly correct them, and furthermore, keeps on pushing me forward so the whole experience is positive and highly motivational. I would highly recommend Kath to singers at all levels."
Victoria Siddoway, from Hamsterley Colliery
Victoria Siddoway, from Hamsterley Colliery July 2015
"Kath is an excellent vocal coach. I can highly recommend her singing lessons, they have certainly been helping me to develop and improve upon technique and style. I am definitely on the road to achieving my singing goals."
Kate Thompson, aged 34 from Gateshead
Kate Thompson, aged 34 from Gateshead March 2012
“I have been having lessons with Kath since 2013.  She is an amazing singing teacher and always puts 110% into every lesson.  She has a real passion and knowledge for singing. She has been extremely encouraging and supportive which has helped to increase my confidence in terms of performing. In particular she has helped me with my breathing and my vocal range through a selection of very useful exercises.  I always look forward to my lessons with Kath and would recommend her to anyone.”
Jen Errington, from Ovington July 2015